Yellowknife baggage claim
Wolf skins, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
Portrait, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
Western Arm, Inukshuk on the tundra
Arctic Smile
Paul and Wolf skins
Ladies at the frolics
Komatik on the tundra
kids on a komatik
Ice fishing on the Sea ice, Nunavut
Ice road, Victoria Island, Nunavut
Ice fishing - Paul Okalik
Show us your Canada - Nunavut
HMCS Sir Wifred Laurier Canadian Coast Guard
Cambridge Bay cabin, Nunavut
Doug Stern in his cabin, Cambridge Bay
Cabin on the Tundra, near Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
Cambridge Bay houses, Nunavut
Carving Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
Inuit elder wearing sunburst parka
Innuit elder riding a snow machine with wolf skin
Cabin on the Tundra, Nunavut
Arctic Char drying on racks
Boys and bikes
Midnight Sunset August Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
Arctic cotton

Arctic Nunavut

location photography in Nunavut, shooting in extreme temperatures and conditions, a wonderful part of Canada, the people and the landscape are spectacular